Jean-Luc Chekroun, beyond being an esthete, cultivates rigor and precision that he must make available to his clients

The rigor is the choice of ZEISS quality


Zeiss is a German glassmaker, pioneer of scientific optics since 1846, who develops products and distributes highly innovative solutions. This is how JLC Opticien Lunetier and Zeiss have developed a real partnership. Jean-Luc Chekroun and his team offer their customers glasses equipped with the latest technologies, including the latest revolutionary, anti-virus glass.
But Zeiss quality is also lenses with UVProtect technology that protects your eyes from an invisible danger: UV. Also, our ZEISS VISION PARTNER status gives us exclusive access to the very exclusive SMART LIFE range for high-end individualized lenses that will help your eyes meet the challenges of connected and moving life.

Precision is the choice of a digital measuring device using latest generation technology

 Because your face is unique, the way you wear your glasses is different. Thanks to digital measurement, we are able to offer you individualized Zeiss lenses specially designed for you, that is to say totally individualized and which adapt to your needs.
This step allows you to obtain precise data such as the lens-eye distance, your pupillary distance, the camber of the frame. Your equipment is therefore personalized according to your morphology, your frames and will ensure optimal natural vision. This completely dematerialized measurement is also completely compatible with the health measures imposed on us.

At JLC Opticien Lunetier, your glasses adapt to you!